Season 3 • Episode 5

Heart Connection with Enrika Greathouse

Enrika Greathouse is passionate about using human connection and storytelling to help heart-centered entrepreneurs experience exponential growth. She is the founder of Small Gorilla Marketing, the Chief Community Advocate for the Right Company, and a Head Coach for the altMBA. Her work as a global facilitator allows her to practice the art of creating experiences that inspire hope, ignite purpose, and help people to see the wisdom they already carry.

She’s also one of my most favourite people in the world. She’s a dancer, a mom, a creative, a collaborator, a light. Because she’s honest and real about who she is, I feel able to show up as myself. She radiates life and people are drawn to her warmth. When Enrika smiles at you, it feels like the sun is shining just for you.

So it was no wonder that Enrika and I dove in before I even got the chance to introduce her.

The day of our interview, we both showed up full – and not in a good way. We were both feeling overwhelmed and overworked. We got right into that.

Listen to Enrika talk about the power of heart to heart connection, the importance of understanding what other people have the capacity to hold, and how she discovered that we’re all leaders – of ourselves and each other.


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