Season 2 • Episode 6

Sean Murphy: Mental Health Within Law Enforcement

Listen to Sean Murphy, a former police dispatcher with the Boston Police Department for almost 17 years, talk about the need for mental health services within law enforcement. He shares his own insightful story of what peer support meant to him after failing to take care of his own health for years. Sean talks about how accepting support from his trusted peers – other first responders – was critical to his own survival.

What shifts when people own up to their mistakes? What shifts when we, as a culture, see greater strength in vulnerability than in bravado? And what becomes possible inside of law enforcement when accountability and vulnerability are no longer taboo subjects? Sean shares the signs of change he sees because more people are sharing their stories of needing – and receiving – help.

It’s hard to remain optimistic when trying to change large, entrenched organizations. Change on this scale feels impossible. But sharing stories like Sean’s, one by one, allows us to find the humanity in each other.


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