Season 2 • Episode 4

Mandell Conway: Giving Within Community

What happens when a loving mother shows her young son the power of giving? That young boy grows up to be a deeply kind, generous giver in return. Come hear the story of Mandell Conway and his desire to bake philanthropy into the fabric of everything we do.

We talk about Mandell’s project Giving Is Like and the importance of listening in philanthropy. He shares his stories of heart centered, intentional giving and the idea of celebrating people as a form of giving back. Everyone has the power to be a philanthropist and Mandell gives examples of how easy it can be – especially when done from love.

Giving from a position of love allows a ripple effect. When Mandell’s mother taught him about tithing, she couldn’t have known she was planting the seed for Mandell’s life-long desire to give back. But she would have been so proud of the man he’s become.