Season 2 • Episode 5

Jess Nowaski: Coaching Within Policing

I first met Jessica Nowaski when I started researching the role of coaching in law enforcement.

In my arrogance, I had assumed the idea of coaching in policing was a new one. Jess shattered my illusion. She talked, as a deputy police chief, about the need for a shift in the culture of law enforcement and how she was using coaching as a tool of leadership development to do just that.

I was bowled over by what she was saying and by the realization that there were already lots of people within the industry showing up to the hard work. Change in an established industry is slow but there are people like Jess sowing seeds.

Jessica and I spoke of how our perspectives were different – how we were coming to the conversation from different starting points, but how our desire to be part of change, and our love of coaching, unified us and our goal of better policing.

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