Season 1 • Episode 8

Getting it Done Leadership with Stevie Lee

Stevie Lee is one of a kind – often described as the “glue”, he’s a connector, a visionary, a politician for good. The Executive Director at Horizon Community School at Marin City and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Marin Horizon School* in Mill Valley, California, Stevie blends worlds by stepping into his power as a mover and a shaker.

Listen to Stevie talk about lessons he learned as a young man coaching sports in Marin City and how his leadership style developed by helping people see the potential they have in themselves and celebrating the little victories. How does Stevie Lee define leadership? Hear him share his idea of leadership as seeing what needs to be done and doing it, how sometimes going rogue is necessary, and the difference between collaboration and partnership.

We talk about being focused on the mission and staying true to personal values as a way to create transformational leadership – especially when creating equitable education. Find out how Stevie uses this clarity to define the past 40 years not as work, but rather as “the thing I’m supposed to be doing”.

*Full Disclosure: My husband, Bill Perrine, is the Head of School at Marin Horizon School.