Season 2 • Episode 3

Bithiah Carter: Democracy within Philanthropy

Talking with Bithiah Carter, President of New England Blacks and Philanthropy, is always a delight. We have fun, dive deep, and tend to say the things other people are afraid to say out loud.

This conversation was no different. We talk philanthropy – what it was, what it has become, and where it’s headed.

What shifts when we democratize philanthropy by returning to a focus on time, ties and talents as well as treasure? Every action becomes an important action and every person may lead from their own seat.

We also talk stories – how understanding the stories of those before us and beside us allow us deeper connections to each other. We don’t empower others – we can only give power to ourselves. But when we connect and understand each other, we use our individual powers to raise up the collective.

Philanthropy grounded in love is transformational. And no one believes in the power of love more than Bithiah Carter.