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Meet Anne Roche

I am not your friend, your boss, your wife or your mother. I am your coach. I have no agenda, no ego, no stake in your game. I ask hard questions that require you to dig deep. I turn off the noise in your life so you can hear your own answers.

Together we will:


Identify what’s missing in your life and what’s holding you back.


Access tools to shift outcomes in relationships and situations.


Create achievable action steps to get you to your goal.

Together we will hone your strengths and find opportunities where you once saw challenges.

Why Men?

As a certified professional coach, I work with both men and women. But I specialize in coaching men because I empathize with the distinct societal pressures men face:

1. Male identity is often wrapped up in a definition of strength that denies the power of vulnerability.
2. Male culture tends to emphasize external signs of achievement while disregarding the importance of inner balance.

3. Men typically don’t have supportive, non-judgmental social structures to help them navigate internal challenges.

My style of life leadership coaching addresses these challenges in a judgment free, action-oriented environment.

What Clients are saying…

Anne delivers on all counts.

“Working with Anne delivers on all counts. She is the real deal: incisive, thoughtful, and kind while always deliberate. Anne is particularly attuned to the stories we tell ourselves about the situations we misread as our betters, and she’s uniquely skilled at demanding (kindly, gently) that we ask ourselves how we might respond differently in time and providing the tools for that most important job.
I can’t recommend Anne highly enough. She is diligence in a world of dithering.”

Justin K.
Woodshed Strength & Conditioning
Littleton, MA

Anne’s guidance got me to where I needed to be.

“I approached Anne with a particular problem I was having at work. Her ability to engage with me, and actively listen to what I was struggling with led to a series of questions that drilled down to the root of the matter very quickly.


We immediately identified exactly what I was after and very efficiently mapped out a course of action that put me back in control of the situation rather than flailing about as I had been thinking I had no control. I may well have been able to end up in the same place on my own, but Anne’s guidance, pointed questions, and ability to separate the story from the actual problem got me to where I needed to be significantly faster.”

Paul L.
Lunenburg, MA

Perfect partner for the journey.

“Anne helped me move forward on my own coaching certification. I retired in 2016 from an international senior leadership position and began my training at a prominent coaching institute. Toward the end of the course, I got stuck and had doubts whether to move ahead.


Anne understands life cycle transitions well and specifically as it relates to male identity. Supported by Anne’s warm personality, non-judgmental guidance, perceptive insights and professional coaching skills, I was able to identify my energy blocks and design a plan of action to eliminate the obstacles, get through the certification process and to successfully begin my business.

If you want to discover what’s really important to you and to move to the next level, Anne is a perfect partner for the journey.”

Rob F.
Leadership Coach
Amherst, MA

Much easier than muscling through on your own.

“I worked with Anne while exploring the possibility of launching my own business; I needed an objective third party to help me focus. She was an invaluable resource for me. In each session she helped me get past my assumptions and thought habits and gain new and fresh perspectives, identifying important items requiring action and leaving the rest behind.


I would definitely recommend Anne’s services to anyone looking to make a life change. It’s so much easier working with a guide than muscling through on your own and Anne is a very talented coach.”

Patti A.
Groton, MA

A greater understanding of yourself.

“Anne has a wonderful ability to carefully listen and ask thoughtful questions that lead to a greater understanding of yourself and reveal concrete actions for you to take. Working with her was comforting, fulfilling, and energizing.”

Dexter M.
Dartmouth, MA

Highly recommend her services.

“Working with Anne opened up my eyes to a new side of myself – one that I can get used to living with! I was feeling stuck and unhappy in my day-to-day living, but Anne changed that for me.


She helped me to see how I was getting in the way of my own happiness, and how small, simple changes in my thought patterns and reactions could blossom into bigger shifts in myself and those around me.

I am grateful for my experience working with Anne and would highly recommend her services. Thank you Anne!”

One year later:

“I just wanted to reach out to let you know that I still think of you and our coaching sessions, and I am amazed that the results have really been long lasting for me!I am feeling much less stress in general and I just feel good overall! I know that I never would have been able to make the decisions I did without your coaching. (And I would be stuck in the very same place without your coaching.) The level of confidence I feel is so refreshing!I am truly a changed person.”

Heather Z.
Wareham, MA

Safe to dive into my vulnerabilities.

“I was impressed by how quickly you established a safe and pleasant atmosphere, allowing me to dive into my vulnerabilities so fast.

Even within that short session, you helped me formulate my thoughts in a way that already made a few things clear to myself.”

Marc B., Netherlands

I know where I thrive.

“I am amazed by how deeply you listen. And I appreciate how kindly you called me out when I wasn’t being honest with myself. I love that our sessions were by phone (vs. video). I liked having the framework of the leadership energy assessment. I now know how to identify where I thrive… and don’t thrive.”

Courtney G., California

I have grown as a coach and as a person.

“Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and support over the past four months. My growth as a coach and as a person would not have happened without your coaching. You are a great coach and have given me something to aspire to. Thank you.”

Bill E., Rhode Island

I’m more aware.

“How I show up to interactions is really important to my success. Trying to muscle through things isn’t working for anyone and it’s not making me happy.


Our talks helped me reframe how I’m approaching all of this in a way that now seems so obvious, but was really clouded by a different narrative that I’ve been repeating for far too long. Now I’m more aware of how my words, actions, and energy influences the experience I’m having.”

Chelsea S., California

About Anne Roche

I used to roll my eyes at the idea of life coaching. Then I hit the other side of 45. And IT HIT ME RIGHT BACK.

Suddenly, life became a grind.

A drain.

I felt empty.

And not too excited about what was coming next.

But I didn’t want LESS – I wanted MORE. What could I add to my life that would make everything more fun? More worthwhile?



As soon as I identified the feeling of joy, I was fueled with energy. Instantly, I realized there was joy all around me – I just hadn’t been looking for it.

What gave me joy?

Being deeply connected – in relationships, work, and life.

From that moment on, I made every decision based on connection.

  • Where was it possible to feel connected?
  • Where were the opportunities for connection?

If I could show up in connection, I said hell yes.
If I couldn’t, I said no.

Everything in my life changed.




I began taking small, achievable steps – grounded in connection and directed toward real, sustainable joy.

The steps became habits because the payoff was fulfilling and fun.

New challenges became opportunities for more connection which led to more joy.

Hard relationships became easier.

I felt less stress in every aspect of my life.

I had more options in front of me because I was looking at life with new perspective.



Eight years later and the changes in my life are profound.

Despite the many challenges I’ve faced, my ability to shift awareness and identify options has seen me through even the hardest times.

I’m showing up to my life filled with connection, purpose, and joy.



Because I have enormous empathy but no tolerance for bullshit.

Let me cut right to the chase.

Time is limited.

Let’s not waste it.

We’re not going to talk about your mother (much). We’re not going to navel gaze. We’re not going to wallow in the past.



Together we’re going to turn up the volume on your inner strength and channel it to overcome external obstacles.

  • We’ll identify what you really want;
  • We’ll dig into what’s getting in your way;
  • Then we’ll formulate an action plan with steps you can take immediately to get more of what you want out of life.



Because you want more – you know you do. You wouldn’t have gotten this far on my website otherwise.

You’re ready to dig in.

You’re ready to hold yourself accountable.

You’re ready to move forward.

Let’s get started – it won’t always be easy, but I’ll be with you every step of the way.


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Welcome to How I Live Through This– conversations with people showing up to life in extraordinary ways.

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